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Software I Recommend

File Management

XYplorer, by Donald Lessau

The most powerful file management tool (Explorer replacement) I know of, it leaves Explorer and Finder (and most other third-party alternatives) in the dust. Writing about its features would make for a long essay, so I'll do that some other time.

File Search

Everything, by David Carpenter

This indispensable utility uses Windows' NTFS index to show you real-time results as you type in its search field. Because it uses the NTFS index, there is no additional indexing service to run in the background. When you first install it, the initial scan takes a few seconds, and after that it updates its index in real time as files are created/moved/deleted. Searching is instantaneous - you type in a filename, and it shows you a list of filenames that contain that string.


Jetico Personal Firewall

This is by far the best rule-based firewall I know of for people who like fine-grained, complete control of what goes into and out of their machine. Instead of bloatware that tries to abstract away the technical details, this firewall is small, lightweight, fast, and very secure if configured correctly.


uBlock, by Raymond Hill

Ad/resource blocking the way it should be done. The interface is simple, intuitive and powerful (even though keyboard navigation is missing) and it's not a resource hog.

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