The personal website of Nimish Jha


User scripts

For use with Scriptish or Greasemonkey.


Browsing utility suite. View the readme on github for a quick overview.

Google search tweaks

This formats the search results on Google to show in two columns, rewrites the links to disable Google's tracking, and allows navigation to the previous/next search result pages using the left and right arrow keys.


Small js utilities I coded for my own browsing and development use. To use, view the .js files in your browser or text editor, and copy and paste the entire code into a new bookmark.

Page inspector

Firefox Developer Tools are excellent, but sometimes you need to quickly lookup the DOM of an element without switching tabs in Developer Tools.

Browsing Activity Simulator

This script, when run on a reddit/subreddit frontpage, randomly clicks the submitted links on that page at random intervals. The time range of the intervals can be controlled by putting a value (in seconds) in the textfield that's inserted at the top of the page. It can be easily modified to work on any website.

This page was last updated on Jun 04, 2015